Training & Development activities

Work Environment

Blaze Remedies is proud of its HUMAN ASSET and envisions to grow by investing in regular growth and development of all its team members by using its well defined processes for identifying training needs and acting upon it too. At Blaze Remedies we know how does one lead with an eye for creating opportunity, guiding management behavior that encourages ownership and building team environment. Here we manage it through Proper Training and Development Activities. Our main focus is not only developing (improving) organization but it is also developing individuals. Idea is to make people believe that it is possible for the people with in organization collaboratively to manage the culture of that organization in such a way that the goals and purposes of the organization are attain at the same time the human values of individuals with in the organization are furthered. Our Training and Development programs energize the talent of organization member in the pursuit of their own self-interest in making the organization more successful and making the quality of working life more satisfying. It channels the intelligence, experience, creativity of organization members in systematic, participative programs in which members themselves find solution to their most pressing challenges.

Our Training & Development activities strive to provide

  1. A strong sense of opportunity for Growth and Development that meets organizational needs.
  2. Help in recognizing strengths, developing a plan for skill development that meets organizational and individual needs.
  3. Management behavior that instills a sense of ownership include involving employees in projects that matters (i.e cost reduction. Continuous improvement or client satisfaction).
  4. Following up on employee input and encouraging employees to take ownership of their careers.
  5. Team environment – that is build by accepting employees as equals, rewarding positive attitude, communication and commitment, and providing opportunities for team success. Creating opportunities for risk taking while minimizing the risk of failure also builds team environment.
  6. Making people aware of how to solve problems, take advantages of opportunities and learn how to do that better and better overtime.

Here at Blaze Remedies we have training schedules every month. Proper assessment of training need is also done of the already employed employees in order to help them in overcoming their weaknesses and building their potentials.